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Quilt an Easy Blythe Doll Duvet

pile of squares

This is an easy charm quilt pattern for a beginner. I am COMPLETELY new to quilting. In fact this is my very first quilt so I’ll be learning along with you! Because I am so new I looked at a few patterns, one for a rag quilt, one for a charm quilt and one for a baby quilt, and altered them a bit for my Blythe-sized doll quilt. Remember this is a rag doll quilt so it’s not going to look pristine unless you are a seasoned quilter which I definitely am not. Also be sure to read to the end of this post for things learned upon making this. 😉

cutting the squares
line them up (blurry!)

First cut out 25 1.5 inch wide squares of your chosen fabric(s) and lay them out as you would prefer them to look by your sewing area. If you want a rectangular quilt you’ll need to cut 5 rows of 8 squares = 40 squares.

sewing charms
sewing messily

Next sew 5 rows of 5 squares each with a 1-2 cm seam allowance. After you’ve sewn all of your rows press them and sew them in numerical order to each other (see how messy I sew??).

Next cut out a thin piece of fabric in your desired pattern the size of your quilt and piece them off sides together if you’re quilt stitching. Quilt stitching is the part I don’t understand so after doing extensive research online I found out that there really is no easy way to do it. You can do it yourself or ask a quilter to help you out. You can find a pattern online and follow the pattern by hand or machine. I chose to skip it.


To give your quilt a more finished look you’ll want to bind the borders with fabric — or make it easy and use thick-ribbon. I’m also new at binding so I decided to skip it this time and sew my quilt to the other panel as though I was making a pillow. I put them right sides together and sewed around the edges leaving a small (2-3 inch) space. Then I turned the blanket right-side out and, because I am not a quilter, sewed a line from one corner to the other making a big X to keep the pieces together.

sew a doll quilt

Things I learned: Next time I’m going to make it 5 squares by 8 squares for a Blythe-bed sized quilt. I didn’t think about how small it would be getting upon sewing it, duh!

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  • Reply Alyssa 11/16/2011 at 3:09 pm

    That’s so cute!! I can sew clothes, but I don’t really know anything at all about quilting, so I really like seeing this post. 😀

  • Reply Gorillahearted 11/16/2011 at 3:45 pm

    :mrgreen: AMBERRR THIS IS SO CUTE! It is so tiny and perfect! You did a excellent job! The colors are so cute together too! Thank you for sharing this! What a fun-cute little project! :mrgreen:

  • Reply Jessica 11/17/2011 at 4:23 pm

    I’m a beginner sewer even those I have been sewing for years, LOL. 🙂 I’ve made a rag quilt about 6 years ago and love it. It’s not big enough now that my family of 2 turned to 4 so I’m in the process of making a new one twice the size. I love sewing but don’t do it as often as I would like.

    Yours turned out great!

  • Reply Piimanyx 11/18/2011 at 2:23 am

    Oh it’s so cute ! When I was young, I had try to make this, but my mother and my tante helped me because It was hard (not sewing machine – every thing at needle >_<)Your pattern is so cute !

  • Reply Niza 11/18/2011 at 9:48 am

    This is awesome! I started quilting not too long ago
    however I stoped because I couldn’t find any easy patterns
    so this is a big help! 😀 thanks!
    Maybe I’ll use this to make a big quilt for my bed (:
    It’s so cool you are a creative person and do all this crafts and awesome
    artwork! (:

  • Reply Iggygirl 11/22/2011 at 1:27 pm

    I’ve never quilted before but thanks for the tutorial. I should try it and give a small quilt to someone for christmas.There’s a place in the city called Arts Junktion, an art supply recycling charity, I can get my fabric free from there.

  • Reply kraftykj 11/24/2011 at 5:30 am

    Your quilt is very cute! I can’t imagine making anything with the tiny squares..thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
    Kraftkj swap bot

  • Reply Anna 11/29/2011 at 9:38 pm

    Nice tutorial. I totally understood it. I am a beginner sewer so I will try this.

  • Reply Deidre 12/13/2011 at 8:39 pm

    Love your blog! I recently found a nice beginners quilting book in a used book store and am waiting to find time to try it out. I have been wanting to quilt for a while and have some fabric lying around waiting to be used :mrgreen:

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