I Wished You a Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Aquarius, Valentine, Birthday season! It never seems like it will get here and then it’s gone in an instant. I am always ecstatic when the stores are full of pink, hearts, and saccharine-sweet, romantic kitsch.

Making valentine’s gifts for my class as a kid was always very enjoyable for me, then it was something I shared with Colette, and now I share it with Bea. It’s so fun and cute. I am hyper vigilante about hoarding so sometimes I toss a lot of old cards and Valentine’s cards are the ones I wish I’d saved. I would love to find some of mine featuring various 80s and 90s cartoons and frame a collection of them!

As a side note, I’m really into taking my odd, candid shots again. I’m constantly doing this just as I did in my youth with my Olympus digital camera. Funny crops and non-rehearsed expressions. I prefer awkward candids to posed photos.

Visual Splendor

Making Animated Collages on Reels, Shorts, & Tiktoks


Lately I’ve gotten back into collaging. I need to revamp and update my portfolio but I have been putting it off for years. The thing I did many years ago was make little worlds using photos of random things. I stopped doing most personal/creative work when Bea was born (your focus just changes). My poor shop hasn’t had many new updates and I certainly haven’t been making collage artwork for a long time. Recently I started making graphics like I did in the early days, too, like 1997 logos and wallpapers. I think it’s fun and it’s reminding me some parts of myself that got lost along the way.

I used to LOVE making those animated buttons. (32×32 or 88×31 — remember?) and I’ve been using that silliness now to make little animations for Reels, Shorts, and Tiktok. No one likes them! But it’s so fun and nostalgic to me that I can’t stop. It’s silly. I’m even working on a web 1.0 website (like Miseducated used to be)! I’ve made a ton but only uploaded one so far to market my bumper stickers~


always being silly plus frogs~ new stickers at shop.miseducated.com xx~ #cutestickers #bumperstickers #chibbyrainfrogs #desertrainfrog #jollycar

? sonido original – SweahBABA

A Tiny Trip Inside my Home


What once was a family office and a place my husband hung more of his art collection, is slowly becoming the reptile/spider/bug room. We no longer use a family desk as everyone has their own desks and computers these days and it’s such an odd-shaped room.

My bedroom one of my favorite places in my home to cocoon. I love chilling in bed on my laptop and looking outside at the cute neighborhood below. We have 2 windows and a huge balcony off of our bedroom so it is filled with natural light. It’s best when the sun is shining so the prisms make little rainbows everywhere! I have prisms in every sunny window of my house~ they make me feel so happy.

What is something in your home that really makes you happy?

Visual Splendor

Chubby Rain Frog Breviceps Care Guide


I get really obsessed with random things sometimes and it’s usually something to do with animals or animal care. One of my lifelong hobbies that I’ve never wavered from is my adoration for animals and making sure they are treated well (I have quite a zoo at home). I’ve noticed this little frog has been making a big stir these days. They are pretty available in Japan in pet stores but not so much here. Most of the care guides are wrong so I translated specifics when looking through many guides, worked with breviceps frog owners, and made a short care guide about them for English-speaking owners: Chubby Rain Frog Care Guide.

What do you think of the Breviceps or chubby rain frogs? They are so stinking cute and their little expressions and bodies kill me with cuteness.

I’ve also made a new section with these sort of ebooks which I’m calling Miseducated Mini Mags. Blogging is not as common these days so it seems like a good idea to make small guides or articles you can read that have the usual Miseducated flavor of our bigger blog days gone by. Please enjoy!


I Wish I Knew What to Say to You


I often have taken brief breaks from blogging but never did I just stop like I have now.

I guess blogs aren’t even really that relevant anymore? Unless you’re directly searching for information on Google or have a favorite that you’ve just continued to read through the years, that is.

Maybe that’s how you found me, once upon a time.

Maybe you found me long before I had a blog and creating cute, personal websites was the fun thing to do online. How I miss those days. The early days of the internet are what I think of when I hear elder folks reference “the good old days.”

Maybe you didn’t even find me (or my blog) at all… or maybe I found you.

Whatever the reason you keep visiting, buying, supporting: thank you. Always.


Lucky Girl Syndrome Guidebook Now on Amazon


Hello again, lovely.

Are you feeling a little down lately, like you’re just not living your best life?

Well, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and embrace your inner lucky girl!

I’m talking about Lucky Girl Syndrome – a concept that’s all about finding joy, confidence, and happiness within yourself.

As women, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, constantly striving for more and feeling like we’re never good enough. But the truth is, true happiness and success come from within, and that’s what Lucky Girl Syndrome is all about. It’s about learning to love and accept yourself for who you are, and finding the joy and confidence to live your best life.

So what exactly is Lucky Girl Syndrome, you may ask? It’s a way of life, a mindset, and a journey to finding your inner happy and confident self. And, lucky for you, there’s a guidebook to help you get there! That’s right, the Lucky Girl Syndrome Guidebook is here to help you on your journey to becoming the best, most confident version of yourself.

Written by myself (Amber Renee Fawn Cunningham), this guidebook is packed with tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you embrace your lucky girl and start living your best life. From finding your personal style and developing your brand, to tips on beauty and makeup, and even how to have a thrilling and intimate sex life, this guidebook has everything you need to become a Lucky Girl.

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to confidence, happiness, and success, then it’s time.. Let’s start this journey together and become the Lucky Girls we were meant to be!

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What is Thrift Core? New in the Shop!


I am now happy to announce that my designs are not only nostalgic and limited, I also offer one-of-a-kind pieces that you will not see anyone else wearing or holding. I scour thrift stores to find objects that still have a beautiful soul but have been tossed to the wayside. In this era of constant consumption and production it is extremely beneficial to reuse, recreate, and utilize pieces that have so much life to give. In this way I feel I am also giving back.

We are at a place where the over-production of items begins to feel out of hand and the appreciation of once-loved pieces are more cherished than the brand new. It feels good to wear something that is one-of-a-kind and yet has not created more waste or loss of energy and resources. It feels good to know this is yours and yours alone.

In Japan we call this animism, which means all objects have a soul. I love the opportunity to search high and low for objects with a soul that speaks to me so that I can use them to create something new for you to appreciate and love once again. Thank you for the opportunity; I just know you’ll find your next favorite piece in my shop.

Self Decoration Shop

Strawberry Bomb Shop Updates


I have been making some new products for my store as I’ve been gravitating towards these 90s and Y2K style t-shirts and tank tops– the kinds of things I wore in high school! I’m not sure when it was but I just realized that I still have a lot of my shirts from back then and I wanted more so I just started making them. I’m not sure where this is going but it’s starting here and I’m so excited to share it with you. I’m super grateful for Generation Z, and le controversial Euphoria, for bringing this style back so that we can appreciate it both again and in new ways. Yay!

I am also beginning to release my products in a stand-alone shop (coming soon), as well as on assorted resale shop apps. If you see my wares around, this is why! Don’t worry — it’s still me. My first/main shop with exclusive preorders is still located at Etsy.

Self Decoration

Electric Ladies Retro Sugar Cube Tea Party


Do you love how I went there with the title? I just don’t like to limit myself to you a few words. Hah.

Selkie just keeps doing it right. This new collection knocked me over nearly 15 times and I just keep getting up and looking at it because it’s amazing. This is my aesthetic and it’s such a perfect collection for right now — let’s get all pastel and psychedelic.

Love List

Doing My Be$t Gratitude List

PREORDER My NEW Picnic Tarot Deck

Well, there’s a lot going on and a lot that I’m working on and I’m just feeling so buzzed by it all. I’m not exactly sure how to frame everything but tapping with High Vibe Honeys has really impacted my life. It has also enabled me to start journaling again and to create daily gratitude lists which have also impacted me greatly.

So anyway, my idea was to incorporate my 5 item gratitude list into Miseducated because I really love to utilize this forum and I love to talk about things that I love.

High Vibe Honeys

My first gratitude is High Vibe Honeys because it has inspired me to get into tapping. I’ve had so many therapists and healers recommend tapping to me but it just wasn’t the right time. I am really grateful for the practice, it has changed my life.


I really adore working with Selkie and promoting their collections. Every item is so gorgeous and well-made. Sometimes I can’t even believe that their dresses are real. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to own and love so many Selkie clothes and to share them with others. (Use discount code MISEDUCATED for %10 off!)

Inspiration & New Projects

I’ve been feeling really inspired lately, almost like I can’t even sit still, inspired. I am extremely grateful for this because this impacts my store, my blog, and my life and my home in general.


I’ve really been digging Instagram lately because I see the potential for community and connection on there. I think Facebook is really outdated presently but Instagram offers visuals with community and it’s very artist friendly. I also am aware that TikTok has really blown up (after I’ve stopped using it) but I just don’t feel led to use it much. Instagram is a much more positive experience for me.

My Family

I know it’s a given, but I wanted to save the best for last. My family is such an inspiration to me and have led me to some really amazing places in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without my husband and children and I’m so blessed to know them.