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When you go to sleep and fall into a dream you get to play around in the amusement park of your mind. Whether you’re a lucid dreamer or not, you probably remember your dreams occassionally and are reminded of them throughout the day. Why not let them live on for others to enjoy as well? Your dreams are as unique as you are!

I was back at this HOOJ kiddiepark that I used to go to near Los Angeles .. I have no idea where it was now, or what it was called. The coolest thing is it was “kids only” – the parents had a place they had to wait and the kids could just run rampant – it seemed to go on for miles. The BEST thing there was the “Dragon Slide” – this GIANT slide where you slid thru a dragons head and down its tongue .. allll the way down a hillside. I dreamt I was there again and was 9 years old, and I was with some girl named Amanda (I have no idea who this was ..) and we were just running around like crazy, and I was healthy and alive again like I was as a kiddie. It felt simply wonderful. We came to the merry go round and they had closed it down, which made me sad because I love those things .. so Amanda and I broke in thru the chain link fence and rode on it ourselves. I cant express how amazing this dream was – it was just beautiful. Cottoncandy-ish, warm and fuzzy, kitten soft ..

I had a dream, that my boyfriend and I welt to a cliff and laid out a blanket to lay and watch the stars on their nightly treck across the sky.. the whole time we held hands and laughed and smiled, telling jokes and whispering sweet nothings.

Ok, ok. This will sound REEEEALLY weird, but I had a dream that I was lost in a bowl of macaroni & cheese. I was about to be eaten by my cat (who was giant & i was in HIS macaroni bowl) when Tuxedo Mask saved me. Weird, huh?
Shampoo Juliet

Chibichibi was chasing me. And the scary part was, she wasn’t cartoon, she was human. She was the scariest little kid I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine a little one-year-old with huge blue eyes, tiny nose, itty-bitty mouth, and pinky-red hair? (Not to mention she’s shouting “Cheebee cheebee!” in that little voice of hers).

I had a strange dream! I was in the mall and I was fighting some evil, thing! I had powers like SailorMoon, but I was me in regular clothes! And after I had finished killing the thing the manager of the store said I could have anything I wanted in the store! I was in there for days trying to figure out what I wanted! Finally I picked an entire outfit out. And thats all I really remember! I think it was from the snow I had eaten that day, b/c on the news they said not to eat it!! lol!
Kiwi Kitten

I once had a really sweet dream that I was in like this grape place (with Grapde vines) and i was with my friend (Trisha) and we saw this lollpop shop and they had the worlds biggest lollypop there and we brought it.. lol I had that dream 3 times and then it happened (we went to this grape vine place and saw a HUGE lollypop – except we didn’t buy it we brought big ones but not HUGE) heehee that was cool

okaie dokie.. i had a dream that i was going through candyland, and there was gumdrop trees and stuff (kinda like willie wonka, but with more cotton kandy. and then, this boy names jash started chasing me, i was scared to DEATH! when i tried to run, my fee got stuck to the ground with a BUNCH of bubble gum.. i couldn’t move! Then, i fought him, and he fell into a zillion different pieces. Then, he turned into a million little TINY JOSHES! (and he’s pretty darmed tiny!!! All the while, that Song Candyman by aqua was everywhere.. like those crazy movies.. (i forgot ALOT of this dream, it was REALLY scary!

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  • Reply Lily 03/18/2009 at 1:36 am

    I had one of the ๐Ÿ˜ฏ scariest dreams ever! I eat lots and lots of candy so…. ๐Ÿ™ so, my dad scolded my and said………..
    “”I bet you will have h scariest dreams in the world. Why do you eat so much candy?!? One day, your going to dream, giant pieces of candy chasing you. You’ll be like aaaggggaaah!!! Aaahhh!”
    They were cartoony, and chasing me down a big green hill. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I keep screaming and stuff!
    It freaked me out. I can’t believe it… Maybe it might happen!

  • Reply rkinkoph 03/25/2009 at 7:43 pm

    Disclaimer… this is kind of creepy…
    but I had a dream that my 2 former bosses (who happen to be lesbians that are dating each other) wanted me to get a pelvic exam… in their kitchen! I was yelling “I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THAT!” and then I woke up. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ So there you have it!

  • Reply lindseymck 07/03/2009 at 9:04 pm

    For years I’ve had dreams of my first boyfriend. It’s been about 9 years now. Well I guess first you’d need to know that we ended badly, and I still haven’t spoken to him since.

    At first the dreams were very much like how we ended. We’d see each other in a crowded room or at school and we’d scowl and walk away. Every dream I had of him it was more and more friendly, but gradually. The odd thing about the dreams is his face would never move. One night, about five years ago, all of the sudden I was in his house and he smiled. It was odd and it got me thinking, maybe we’re over each other and we’re past that odd feeling of hatred. Since then, my dreams of him have slowed, but when I do dream about him we’re on a friendly level. He still doesn’t talk to me though. Mostly I’m friends with him, but he’s not actually in the dream.

    So, I guess that’s my closure for the bad relationship. What do you think?

  • Reply brainwave 09/26/2009 at 6:08 am

    Great stuff! I’m curious if you know of any forums that discuss these absorbing subjects at all? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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