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Making Animated Collages on Reels, Shorts, & Tiktoks


Lately I’ve gotten back into collaging. I need to revamp and update my portfolio but I have been putting it off for years. The thing I did many years ago was make little worlds using photos of random things. I stopped doing most personal/creative work when Bea was born (your focus just changes). My poor shop hasn’t had many new updates and I certainly haven’t been making collage artwork for a long time. Recently I started making graphics like I did in the early days, too, like 1997 logos and wallpapers. I think it’s fun and it’s reminding me some parts of myself that got lost along the way.

I used to LOVE making those animated buttons. (32×32 or 88×31 — remember?) and I’ve been using that silliness now to make little animations for Reels, Shorts, and Tiktok. No one likes them! But it’s so fun and nostalgic to me that I can’t stop. It’s silly. I’m even working on a web 1.0 website (like Miseducated used to be)! I’ve made a ton but only uploaded one so far to market my bumper stickers~


always being silly plus frogs~ new stickers at xx~ #cutestickers #bumperstickers #chibbyrainfrogs #desertrainfrog #jollycar

? sonido original – SweahBABA

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