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Chubby Rain Frog Breviceps Care Guide


I get really obsessed with random things sometimes and it’s usually something to do with animals or animal care. One of my lifelong hobbies that I’ve never wavered from is my adoration for animals and making sure they are treated well (I have quite a zoo at home). I’ve noticed this little frog has been making a big stir these days. They are pretty available in Japan in pet stores but not so much here. Most of the care guides are wrong so I translated specifics when looking through many guides, worked with breviceps frog owners, and made a short care guide about them for English-speaking owners: Chubby Rain Frog Care Guide.

What do you think of the Breviceps or chubby rain frogs? They are so stinking cute and their little expressions and bodies kill me with cuteness.

I’ve also made a new section with these sort of ebooks which I’m calling Miseducated Mini Mags. Blogging is not as common these days so it seems like a good idea to make small guides or articles you can read that have the usual Miseducated flavor of our bigger blog days gone by. Please enjoy!

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