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The cats in our lives are special, that’s no understatement. When people can share their homes with unconditionally loving little characters it’s always a plus. Not only do they improve emotional state but also health and help lower blood pressure. What’s better than hearing a purr lul you to sleep?


The Special One in My Life

mrrrow~ i’m hobbes! i’m a fluffy little house cat. you might think i’m a little feminine but that’s just because i’m a momma’s boy and she happens to spoil me crazy with cute, pink kitty goods.

i was born in september of 1997, the 8th to be exact! a little country cat full of spunk and covered in long, fluffy hair. because of my adorably-unique looks my owners allowed me to stay inside while my short-hair brothers and sisters continued on the country cat lifestyle. my birth mother, squirrelly, was a little bit wild and didn’t stick around too long to see me grow up~ i felt i hadn’t met my real momma yet.. i waited patiently.

when i was 5 weeks old a woman came to the country home looking for a tiny kitten as a gift for her daughter. she saw a lot of semi-wild kitties running around and worried they might be a bit sickly. the gem, myself, was kept inside and when she started to give up she spotted my handsome mane! a bit of pleading later and i was allowed to be adopted by this woman! oh oh oh, i was going to move away~ but where?

i was brought to a strange house, through a door and placed on a yellow, satin bed. a young girl walked in and squealed. oh my! i knew she was my mommy. i immediately started mewing and kneading the soft blanket as my new mommy talked to me. “do you have a name?” , she asked. her mother told her my name was hobbes, it was given to me by my first owners. she loved it and thought it fit me to a T!

i soon got very sick and they took me to the vet to realize i had an upper respiratory infection — very deadly and serious for tiny kittens! mommy to the rescue ~ with medicine and a lot of love i made it through! it wasn’t even time for my baby shots yet, i toughed out surgery as a tiny puff.

i lost a few other lives throughout the years including being hit by a car once when i ran outside and refused to come in and having a tumor removed from my butt! i’m still going strong and my doctor says i’m sooo healthy and youthful! i’m 13 years old and he says i still got a lonnngg happy life to lead, meow meow meow. everytime we come in to the office he says, “My what a healthy cat!”

we moved to the city in september of 2007 after my mommy married her high school sweetheart. oh yeah~ here i come indianapolis! i’ve never been so happy and after every poop i race up and down the spiral staircase. our apartment is soo fit for a kitty and i’m king!

i’ve been famous in the 90s on my mom’s website miseducated and i’ve had gifties sent to me for my birthdays and emails and web friends and have even had websites and blogs! i’m happy to meet you! now give me a pat and let’s share a tuna shake!


Daily Mews

If when I’m running a bath Hobbes walks in before I close the door he remains, with worry as the bath fills. When it is time to get in, he edges towards the tub in absolute shock, why would I get in the TUB?!?! Don’t I know it’s wet in there?? He sits on the edge of the bath carefully, watching as though the water may inflict some horrible pain on me. He mews and smells the water, wondering when I’ll come to my senses. If he gets stuck outside, which is most often the case, he continually howls in pain and scratches at the door until I’ve come from the terror tub. Are all cats this scared of water? I’ve heard that Sphyinxs (hairless cat breed) like water, that’s so cute.. they’re adorable.

Critter Story Submission

Cat stories and critter stories are as pleasing to tell between owners as they are to listen to. Have a sweet story about your little one? Go ahead and send it to us along with some photos to be published at Miseducated.

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  • Reply Rachel 03/12/2010 at 1:52 pm

    aww, I’ve been on the fence about getting a kitty for my apartment (dogs are just too messy and loud), but am a little scared because I have never had one before. If they are all as sweet and cute as Hobbes I think it might actually be a good fit. 🙂

  • Reply Amber Renée 03/12/2010 at 1:59 pm

    I definitely think it’s a great idea! I have a chihuahua also and you’re right.. loud and messy. I’ve never been a dog person.. I adore her but I’m a cat person *all the way.* xoxo

  • Reply Rachel 03/12/2010 at 8:50 pm

    We tried chihuahua too, but had to sell him :-(. He liked to chew on everything! Only problem is, now there’s that empty space to fill. I need an animal to love!

  • Reply Amber Renée 03/12/2010 at 11:55 pm

    Awww.. that’s sad! We fell in love with ours, we’re obsessed. She doesn’t do anything like that though.. but she is very nervous around other people!

    you should definitely look into adopting a cat <3 they're hilarious little friends.

  • Reply Angie 03/13/2010 at 4:40 pm

    My mom’s cat’s brother (who went to live with our friends) loves taking showers with his owner. He LOVES getting wet. His brother, however, acts like he’s dying when he gets a bath.

    I love Sphinx kitties. I’d love to get one some day, since I’m actually allergic to furry kitties! It sucks!

  • Reply Amber Renée 03/13/2010 at 5:28 pm

    aww! get a sphinx, they’re supposed to be sooooo amazing.

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