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How to Look Gorgeous Instantly


Do you want to catch the eye of everyone around you? Do you want to appear happy and healthy (even if you’re plagued with the flu and totally bummed out)? Do you want to look absolutely gorgeous without makeup, without a chic outfit, and without any effort? Well here’s how!

The first step to instant beauty is CONFIDENCE. Even if you aren’t confident in yourself, looking confident makes you feel confident. At the beginning of each day, take a minute to pause and say to yourself, “This is MY day. I can do whatever I want with this day, and I’m going to succeed.” Starting each morning this way will give you a confidence boost that will last all day long, and can give you the spring in your step needed to appear confident to the outside world.

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Another thing that makes you look instantly gorgeous is SMILING. Make it a goal to smile every single day. Smile at strangers. Smile at friends. Smile at family. Even smile at your pets! Smiling makes you seem approachable, down to earth, and friendly. And nothing is more attractive than that! Also, simply smiling makes you happy. Smiling also leads to laughing, which can make you even happier.

A third key that can instantly improve your appearance is POSTURE. People that walk around with their shoulders slumped and their eyes to the ground don’t look very appealing, do they? Instead, roll your shoulders back, keep your head held high, and look straight ahead. This makes you look ready to take on the world, and feel that way too!

My last tip is to drink a lot of WATER. This will keep your skin glowing without any makeup. Drinking water helps clear your body of toxins, so your skin will look fresh and gorgeous. It not only makes skin look ravishing, but it’s also incredibly healthy and can help with many other things.

Try these tips and you will see an instant difference! You don’t need expensive makeup, fancy clothes, or dramatic hairstyles to look beautiful. Just be confident, healthy, and enjoy your day! People will definitely take notice.

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  • Reply Industry Misinterpretations 173: Web Velocity 1.1 | Smalltalk WebDev Insider 02/08/2010 at 4:09 am

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  • Reply Luinae 02/08/2010 at 7:30 pm

    Water is a really good tip- I drink lots of water and my skin is completely flawless!

  • Reply Rummy B. 07/30/2010 at 3:41 pm

    Very smart. I stopped drinking a lot of water once summer started (counter intuitive, I know, but I always brought my water bottle to class), and since then I’ve been battling break outs! I started drinking more, and in only two days my skin has cleared up considerably! Also, I used to be very self-conscious about smiling because of the yellowness of my teeth, but I used whitening strips and now feel much better about it. 🙂

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