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Happy Valentine’s Day! from POOCHIE


Valentine’s Day reminds me of the 1980s for some reason…
Perhaps it’s because I was born the day before Valentine’s Day and that happened to be in the 1980s.
So for many (the jewelry, candy and greeting card companies would hope) Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love.
For me it is a time to celebrate pastel hearts and the 1980s and all of the cute, pinkness splashed through the stores.
What does Valentine’s Day mean to you, if anything?

I was also inspired to add a couple of new love-inspired items to my shop!

One of them is a Lolita POOCHIE pin because I have always been a big fangirl of Poochie.

The other is a reprint of my Micro Zine (6 pages plus a front and back cover), 5 Reasons Why I Love You. It’s a “Valentine” for anytime, much like Poochie!

So my little Valentine gifts to you are…

and I would totally put these in the Valentine mail box you decorated and sat on your school desk

scanned 1980s Rainbow Brite Valentine’s~

a cute conversation heart coloring page~

Twin Stars Valentine wallpaper by Sanrio that I’ve had saved for years~


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  • Reply Lucine 03/03/2018 at 11:05 am

    A belated happy b-day! I hope you had a wonderful day. What does valentine’s day mean to me? I am not into valentine’s day, but it is an opportunity for those who forget to show love to family and friends or want to show some extra love to their love ones to do so! For them it’s time to make up;))

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    • Reply Amber Renee 04/17/2018 at 11:40 am

      I love that! I think Valentine’s day is just a day to celebrate love, no matter what that means. Even if it’s a snuggle your cat kind of day! People get too focused on BUYING.

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