Le Game: Animal Crossing City Folk Photo Tour

How exciting! Our Animal Crossing days are back. I got it before it sold out in a cute mall I found in my neighborhood this afternoon. I hope you got it also.. and if so, let’s exchange friend codes!

Town Atsugi
Character Lamb
Friend Code 1676 7177 2856

So let’s have a picnic! Maybe you’ll pop up on the next update?

city lamb

atsugi map

purl is my best friend

.. but wait.. CITY Folk? it wouldn’t be called CITY FOLK unless…

kapp'n (bus driver)


Not to jump on the bandwagon with cutie Stitches, but I was definately hankering for some cotton candy!

bunny balloon!



wii mic

A Wii mic channel is coming for Animal Crossing in December! Keep your eyes peeled! 😉

Tailored especially for you.


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  1. 1

    Very excited about this. I just got a Wii for my birthday, so I will be buying this. None of my friends play though 🙁

  2. 3

    i played this to death AC on gamecube (I literally collected everything, and played it for over a year until it started to repeat itself 0__0) is it different enough on Wii to warrant buying it again? i loved my AC life so much! 😀

  3. 4

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