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His & Hers: Our Reads of the Moment


his and hers

Once upon a time I met my match. A rock star artist, attractive man, best friend, beautiful person, wonderful father. I found that he brought an abundance of light into my life just by being a friend and mentor to me as a young adult. 9 years later the friendship grew into something unbelievable and now we are a completely inseparable and happy family.

We usually means us, as in this website and our community, but in the case of these new features it actually means Mister and Miss. Educated. This article is about the books we have nearby for reading and the blogs we catch up on often.

Her Books

Good Energy Book

I got this book for free during a promotion at the perfect timing because I was changing my life and my world. After reading it I became really addicted and got rid of the negative energy in my home and life. I knew most of the techniques from my past but this book explains everything in a very attractive way and is a great read even when you’re just feeling negative and hopeless. I highly recommend it if you’re into energy healing.

Blog Inc.

Mom Inc.

Renegade Writer

Achieve Anything In Just One Year

His Books

Surviving the Economic Collapse

I got this book as I was hoping for the best but studying and preparing for the worst. I have a lot to lose and I feel it is my job as a man to be sure everyone will be taken care of. The book is self-published so it’s a little brash and of course there are errors but I couldn’t put it down. It’s the actual account of a man who survived economic collapse in Argentina so it’s not a hypothetic response. It was very informative and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be prepared when the shit hits the fan.

Art and Fear

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The Way of the Superior Man

Think and Grow Rich


And while books are rad, blogs are like the newest imagery-stuffed zines, you can visit millions of them over every delicious topic you can imagine. You can even find some not-so-delicious topics if that’s your fancy and with that we’d also love to leave some of our current favorite blogs~

Her Blogs

1. puglypixel
2. Design*Sponge
3. Independent Fashion Bloggers
4. Thompson Family Life
5. A Beautiful Mess

His Blogs

1. Lines and Colors
2. Art21 Blog
3. Design For Mankind
4. The Jealous Curator
5. Co.Design

Make sure you’ve added your blog in the comments if you aren’t listed in the link directory! We’re beginning to get very serious about blogging and active within the community again, now that life has been settling down, and we’d love to see your blog and get to know you, too!


Reading, Writing and Running Around in Circles


Lately I’ve gotten even more addicted to reading because my best friend got a Kindle (which I have been putting off, I have some kind of strange obsession with paper) and it makes sharing books a snap.

You can loan out books you’ve bought for a couple of weeks, perfect for an addict like me to munch on books with my hungry eyes. I highly recommend it.

Also — if you’re tight on space you don’t have the ton of books looming in the corner. I like to stack my books but now that I have Colette I’m going to have to .. why are bookshelves so scary? Is that my agoraphobia looming in the background? I love bookshelves, tall ones anchored to the wall.. however with the baby they make my nervous. Perhaps the wall-unit shelves.. but wont things topple off one they’re bumped? I suppose they’ll do. The large IKEA expedit will not fit on any of my walls.. we had to part ways. It was a sad day but luckily a friend found use out of it.

This is a Saturday post.. it’s way too wonky to be a weekday post. Don’t you agree? πŸ˜‰ Mostly I just enjoy making art for posts sometimes.. would posts with art-journaling only be acceptable?