We have quite an amazing team here at Miseducated, new artists, underground designers — all innovative stars in their selected fields of decadence. If I believe in anything, it’s pushing others to achieve their dreams and live the life that they want. If I can do anything to help you do this, please let me know.

Businesses & Events

You do not have to be an artist or designer to be featured. To get your venue, event, product or business featured, in our signature, whimsical and colorful fashion, please contact us below. NOTICE: Miseducated loves to travel so don’t be shy just because you’re miles away.

Writers & Authors

If you’re any sort of author or writer you may apply to have your work featured or published on Miseducated. Writers and content creators that I feel embrace the Miseducated mantra “Inspire. Be inspired. Be yourself. Love yourself.” will be most likely to be chosen!

To be honest I have a hard time saying no to anyone because I want to encourage every woman to achieve her dreams. Also, don’t worry if you’re not an experienced writer — I have an editor and designer ready to work with you to snazz up your post and publish it for the world to see!

Artists & Designers

Artists, designers, DIY-ers, reconstructors and creators of all kinds, come one come all! I would love to feature you here if you are a designer. I want to feature your brand, review your amazing product and let the world know what a delicious aesthetic delight you can add into their lives. If you create or design absolutely anything and it catches my eye then I want to put you in our world and give our community yet another amazing artist or designer following their dreams by creating eye candy to oogle at. I want to encourage everyone (who works for it) to achieve their dreams and make their living doing what they love. Please feel free to explain your art, designs or creations. If you’re not sure if you fit the criteria, apply anyway.


Do you want to be an official Miseducated Eyecandy Girl and model in a photo shoot exclusively for Miseducated? Just contact us to apply and please attach a sample shot! The purpose of this new feature is to show our community that smart, talented women can also be sexy and beautiful. Why pick one or the other when you can have both?







    My email gets pretty backed up with client mail, letters and submissions so do not despair if you do not receive a response right away.