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A Visual Tour of Apartment Seventy-Seven


I happened upon a sweet, little apartment on the east side of Indy one glorious day. My very dear friend of the time and rosey-cheeked sweetie needed someone to take it off her hands while she left the country for a year. I urged her to go, life-changing adventures like that are worth having! So I found my a little 70s mushroom cornucopia nestled in kitty town, Indianapolis. Kitties of all walks of life and colors roam the sidewalks outside, the cobblestone streets provide that only the occasional slow-moving car drive by, they’re adorable to look at but no fun to drive quick on. This yellow brick road of the kitties actually does them a favor by protecting their streets from speeding demons.

Wild, flavorless strawberries peek out of the grass in every kept yard, the plants allowed to freely grow in a woodland flower district. Dark and covered in trees, this little hippy Halloween town has a lot of charm to offer.

The apartment, although a bit too big for me to keep up everyday, was absolutely lovely when arranged just the way I liked it. I had lots of friends ask me if they were in wonderland once inside and my closest friends and i have had the most amazing, special, one-of-a-kind nights and parties in this delectably roomy apartment.

Take a look around for yourself! I always welcome new friends and visitors to explore my world. If you have an apartment/special place you’d like explored, we would love to return the favor! *xoxo* Be careful not to spill tea on the… oh feel free to slosh your tea around everywhere on your imaginary tour!




living in sync

zebra of a different color

owl bookem'


bathroom wall


daisy love

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