Hello! I’m Amber Renee, the Creative Director and design addict behind Miseducated the blog, shop and boutique agency. I’ve been working for design and marketing agencies since prior to 2007 when I graduated from college with a keen eye for visual communications and innovative marketing. We offer award-winning web and graphic design as well as on-trend marketing and content creation. If you’re looking to get yourself online let’s take a look at your brand, marketing and business plan together.

We are big supporters of small and large businesses alike and, if you offer a good product, the best way to communicate to your future clients and customers is a high-end brand design and marketing plan without the high-end price tag.

Sound confusing? Overwhelming? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered and we speak your language, we can have a phone chat over tea or meet via Skype anytime you’d like to catch up. I’m really glad you found us and checked out our website; if you’d like to chat, please fill this new client form out and we’ll see where your business is ready to go and plan a way to get there.

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