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Sunday, Monday and Miniature Tomatoes


First I want to say that I love you. I don’t think it’s too soon in our relationship for me to be professing my undying love to you, no. I say I’m having a bad day and, because of your sweetness, I immediately receive lots of genuinely caring responses that instantly cheered me up. I hate writing both personal and negative things, it’s always hard for me to do. It was very reassuring to hear that you also have those days.

Speaking of OFF days.. I started my online day off with a FOLLOW MONDAY on twitter only to realize, after a friendly reminder from my partner in crime, that it’s SUNDAY. What a dork I am. I’m so ready for the new week to be here that I completely forgot about how wonderful lazy Sunday is.

I also wanted to write another little nonsense post filled with nothing but blab for you to sink your teeth into. Isn’t that your favorite thing? My blabbing? No? Well bear with me.

Have you ever wore pettipants before? I bought some adorable lilac ones from eBay. I’m obsessed. Now I have 3 pairs. I know it looks like I’m wearing bloomers with my teeshirts but I don’t care (they’re longer than my shorts!). Colette needs some, too.

Have you tried The Sims Social yet? My friends and I are just a little addicted.. I lost my Sims 3 CD recently and have been sad ever since so this is just what I needed to waste time on.

As you know I’m very obsessed with my new balcony. This summer I started a garden out there and finally grew some pleasantly plump cherry tomatoes. The first ripe tomato was the perfect size, for my imaginary miniature grilled cheese, so I just had to cut some slices.

On the subject of miniature food, have you seen this book? I bought it years ago, before I had Colette, and now I cannot wait until she’s old enough to make the tiny treats inside. It has everything from miniature burgers to miniature petit fours.

Because I’m such a foodie, I’ll end this entry on more food.. I was lucky enough to have crab nachos today for lunch and I’m still craving them. Isn’t it the perfect time for seafood? My car agrees! It now smells just like old, soggy crab meat! On the way home from dinner we took a short stop and into the floor flew the box of crab and mussels. Mussels in my floor board. I don’t know if I’m more upset about the smell they left behind or about them not ending up in my stomach.

I hope you’ve had an excellent weekend as well. I’m as excited to hear about your adventures as you are for me to shut up about my tomatoes!