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I Wished You a Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Aquarius, Valentine, Birthday season! It never seems like it will get here and then it’s gone in an instant. I am always ecstatic when the stores are full of pink, hearts, and saccharine-sweet, romantic kitsch.

Making valentine’s gifts for my class as a kid was always very enjoyable for me, then it was something I shared with Colette, and now I share it with Bea. It’s so fun and cute. I am hyper vigilante about hoarding so sometimes I toss a lot of old cards and Valentine’s cards are the ones I wish I’d saved. I would love to find some of mine featuring various 80s and 90s cartoons and frame a collection of them!

As a side note, I’m really into taking my odd, candid shots again. I’m constantly doing this just as I did in my youth with my Olympus digital camera. Funny crops and non-rehearsed expressions. I prefer awkward candids to posed photos.


A Tiny Trip Inside my Home


What once was a family office and a place my husband hung more of his art collection, is slowly becoming the reptile/spider/bug room. We no longer use a family desk as everyone has their own desks and computers these days and it’s such an odd-shaped room.

My bedroom one of my favorite places in my home to cocoon. I love chilling in bed on my laptop and looking outside at the cute neighborhood below. We have 2 windows and a huge balcony off of our bedroom so it is filled with natural light. It’s best when the sun is shining so the prisms make little rainbows everywhere! I have prisms in every sunny window of my house~ they make me feel so happy.

What is something in your home that really makes you happy?