Spank! Japanese 80s Revival Fashion

Spank! fashion! It’s a shop promoting the girly, sweet clothes most of us wore in the 80s and reviving and reworking them into new outfits for fun and raving. The shop is owned and opperated Tavuchi and her cute friends. If you’re ever raving in Tokyo, you’ll surely spot Spank! girls frolicking amongst the colour and lights making everyone’s night a little sweeter.



Try this style by pairing frilly mini-skirts and eighties toon nighties. Don’t forget to LAYER, as this is also important. If you view decora (or FRUiTS) fashion you will notice many differing layers. Colour, texture and pattern all differ creating a rainbow of color upon every cutie and toys are used as accessories and more. However instead of the many different decora colour palettes, Spank! uses the soft, feminine pastels of the 80s girl’s fuzzy companions and cartoon favorites.

Spank! Video

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    I’m pretty sure I tried to explain JEM to someone the other day and got looked at like I was insane: “She’s a superhero who turns into her rockin’ alter ego when she twirls her earrings.” 🙂

    I loved that show.

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    Wow, I wanted to hear Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with that fashion show, ya know? Like O My GAWD! My daughter (5) has been watching my old videotape full of the Smurfs, complete with commercials from the ’80s. It’s all bringing back soooo many memories, FER SHURE!

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    I love the layout and colors. I loove retro and vintage style accessories so I started making them myself and opened up my shop at

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    Jem and the Holograms are my favourite band EVER!!! Yeah, nobody ever knows who i am talking about either…I am so glad these girls are referencing their look, i wanna join the band!

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    Lady Gaga has lately been rocking the Jem look with those pink rhinestone encrusted pieces she puts on her eyes, like at the Grammys Performance. We love Jem, she rocks!!!

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