Recycle and Upcycle Happy Meal Toys

Eh, so sometimes when my husband and I are running late or feeling really nasty we’ll grab happy meals — mainly just when the toys are cute… but what the hell do you do with the little plastic toys after you eat your meal?

Make something out of them!

My plan was to attach gems and glitter all over my lovely ponies and headbands with sweet unicorn emblems. Every headband is on it’s way to a special home for fun and whimsy instead of being chewed up in Wanwan’s bed or thrown in the garbage. 😉 Perhaps soon we’ll do some more silly DIY with all the plastic junk we always come across! ha

(go ahead and keep the box too for silly gifts to friends — haha)

Show me the plastic flash

Unconditional Kisses

Eating the food is like eating the box

You want dis?

Photos by Benjamin Amick Miseducated Inspired Love

Ariel: The Forest

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    hehe, yeah happy meals are gross! but cute! <3 the little box excites me when it has my favorite characters -- haha Hello Kitty and 80s toys! i just can't say no! ack!

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    I absolutely love this idea! I have found many My Little Ponies in the Thrift Store Dumpster and brought them home for decoration. I was eying some small ponies at my local thrift store but didn’t get them because I didn’t know what I would do with them…then I saw this! I rode my purple bicycle down to the store and bought them for 50 cents. Then I made the headband… Check it out here

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