Create your own Nail Art

Fingernails.. Toenails.. they’re like mini canvases waiting to be painted (or collaged!). I used to have such a love for nail art that I devoted an entire website to it, complete with fanlisting! The fanlist grew large, the discussion about Japanese fashion, makeup and nail art was booming.

Now thanks to the rad Japanese fashion magazines people scan and share and Gwen Stefani, Japan fashion is even more prevalent today. (yay!)

Japan has a hand up in life design.
Design is a process that we can take to every level.
Let’s not ignore our nails! 😉

So how will we get this decadent inspiration without scanning bookstores for Japanese fashion magazines and nail salon listings? Here of course!

Below are some cute nail tips and tutorials from Japan, I’m absolutely digging on the strawberries.

No matter what you decide~ enjoy life to the fullest while you design your world.

Nail art scans are from Japanese fashion magazines such as ecocolo, CUTiE, CUTiE Book, melon, egg, Kera, BLENDA, JILLE, ku:nel, Nail Up, etc and, my favorite nail salon, PinkyNail.

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    I checked it out just a little but it looks amazing! I can’t wait to go get lost now. Great concept, leave it to you! Hope you have a great holiday and we get to finally do some fun stuff in the new year together 🙂

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  3. 5
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  5. 7

    Wow, these are wild, crazy and fun! The young Japanese girls are always ahead of the trends, so I can only imagine we will be seeing these on the nails of a young girl near us…soon:-)

    Amberrenee, this is such a fun and informational blog. I will check in again and get lost. Thanks for stopping by!

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  7. 9

    Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by my blog: imagine. I can’t believe that you’re new to the blog world – you’re profile looks very established! I love your site – very fun and girly! Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  8. 10

    jami, maybe it’s because i’ve been a silly web designer since the mid 90s! this site used to be a silly escape site before it was a blog.. <3 <3 So glad to see you here! love your work also <3

  9. 11

    this makes me wish that I had nicer nails, maybe it’s just another reason to take better care of them. I’m wild about the strawberries and the polka dots, perhaps I’ll have to try it. people should send in pics of their nail art successes! 💡

  10. 12

    oohh.. it’s a perfect reason to take better care of them! especially if it adds smiles to your day. 🙂

    nail art successes? we’ll work on that especially for you! <3

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  12. 27

    i love doing nails. its becoming a hobbie and a job. i never thought i would be a nail person until i waz 11. now im 13 and when i do nails everyone thinks im a professional. that makes me feel good. im already thinking about owningg my own nail shop when i get older!!!

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