Mew for Today: Kawaii Tarot Cards


Who says the occult can’t be kawaii? For a long time I’ve loved tarot card art and the amount of dedication it must take to finish such a large deck. It’s a stretch, something totally new I never considered really doing. I know this is the next step!

So my next huge personal project is designing an deck of TAROT CARDS >> This is big for me to admit. Dedicating my next year/s to producing extensively designed mixed media tarot cards (78 in a deck) that will be available as very limited large prints until the entire deck is complete and then they will be made into decks of cards included as a lovely kit complete with a book written by a friend on interpretations.

I’ve also recently become obsessed with cute tarot cards such as those by Sanrio, Aya Takano (THE BEST: top of my wish list), the numerous cat and animal tarot cards, etc so I had to feature them! I’ve always wondered how I can add a totally different style/take into the world of the tarot.

The first of my new prints will be on show RAW located at the Murat on [official date announced!!] March 19th (buy a ticket ($15), you wont regret it! if not in the area comment and receive a free print at $30~). “XXI The World” is the first card and, as stated, will be first available at RAW.






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    This is exciting! I hope that you keep your subscribers updated on the deck as you make each card. I look forward to following your progress and adding the final deck to my collection of tarot decks. Making a tarot deck is certainly a big commitment, but you can do this and do it well!

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      Aw thanks so much! I’m working on another card as we speak. I’d like to run through them but I’m taking my time so each card can stand alone as it’s own complete work of art. I put your comments together for you. 🙂 If you have a suggestion on the next card let me know! Right now I’m working on The Lovers.

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    Hi there ! I’ve come across this post after about an hour of online searching for the perfect deck for myself. They’re gorgeous, what a task to take on ! Have you completed the deck, and are they for sale, or will be ?

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      Hello, Nicole! No they are not done yet but I’d love to hear a suggestion if you have one for my next card. When the deck is complete they will be sold here. That will be awhile but we are in the process, yes. I am very grateful for your sweet comment! Prints are available for the time being. XOXO

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