I really want to provide a virtual candy bowl here for all the wonderful, sugary-sweet people that come through Miseducated’s proverbial doors. This is a place to inspire~ whether it be a just little smile or something more. All of the wallpapers below are small, colorful versions of the photos I snapped while I lived in my heart’s one true home, Japan, or while exploring about the wonderland I currently live in called Indianapolis (Although to me Indiana will always be called OZ!).

Enjoy and don’t forget to be fair, use these as icons/wallpapers/avatars all you want but do not claim them as your own, that makes the little candy fairies sad and they proceed to go on strike until I shower them with assurance in humankind.

Cellphones and iPhones both will eat up these tasty wallpapers with delight! Miseducated is mobile*friendly and perfect for viewing eyecandy on the go so I couldn’t resist in divulging into my little iPhone obsession. If you’re looking for non-digital goodies, visit the tasty treat Strapya for some of the cutest Japanese mobile phone (keitai) accessories.

iPhone X Mobile Wallpaper

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iPhone 3-5 Mobile Wallpaper

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