Five Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging


So you’re blogging and you’ve reached the point every blogger reaches: Should I continue this blog? Before you close down shop and try something else go through the following five reasons below and ask yourself, am I helping anyone? Am I passionate about writing blog posts?

1. You’re the only one who can effectively blog your one-of-a-kind niche. Whether you have a fashion blog and there are hundreds of fashion blogs, yours is different. You have a different view, idea and purpose — all of which are valid points for blogging. Your content is exceptional and you’re the only one who’s going to release it.

2. You let others peek into the glorious world that is your own. Take photos, draw pictures, get people hooked into viewing things through your lenses.

3. You have to get better. Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it? How many times have you heard this? You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is pretty damn exceptional. So your layout isn’t what you dreamed and your first post didn’t get many comments, keep going. You can only improve.

4. You haven’t finished the task you set out to do. Why did you create your blog? What is the purpose behind marketing yourself and your business? With a set goal in mind you can effectively see if you’ve achieved it or not. Be sure your goals are trackable as well.

5. You’re simply experiencing writers block. Can’t seem to churn out the same expressive and inspiring content you were producing when you started your blog? Bring on guest authors, try mind-mapping and update past posts with new, valuable information.

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    I think you can grow out of blogs just like you can with clothes. Don’t feel like you aren’t allowed to move on to a new blog for a new phase of your life. 🙂

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    This really made me think.My blog is just a blog with photo reblogs and occasional pics but I think I should make a new blog with my own art and pictures and stuff! 🙂 😛 :mrgreen: 😈 😐

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    This was a grea topic. I started my blog just to be writing about my life. I am always surprised when I get a new follower. I have told a few real friends that I have a blog and just 2 family members. How crazy is that? None of them follow me as I didn’t tell them how to find me.

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    I need reasons to stick to my blog and keep posting – I go gung-ho for a while and then let it peter out for a while and then come again like gang busters. I need consistency.

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