Fall in Love With the World

I love falling in love with the world again and again and tumblr always seems to help make that happen. When feeling low or uninspired I take a stroll through my recents there and I’m feeling fine again (as directed by my best friend). Sometimes all we need is a little eye-candy you see.. and for you this is just the place to get it.

.. and yes I’m a little addicted to candy-colorful hair. Aren’t you?

(via hotdog911)

(via ann wissner)

(via sugar-honey-iced-tea)

(via rhidia)

Photo by Sarah Frieden.
This pile of deliciousness reminds me of my wedding.. :9

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  1. 1

    Hi Amber!
    It’s been awhile, how are you?
    I agree with you about Tumblr, it’s the best distraction and way to get re-inspired. Have you checked out pinterest.com too?
    Good luck with the new site!

  2. 2

    I’ve been thinking about opening up a Tumblr account for awhile now. Y’know, to have my own little art gallery. I think it’d be very patchwork, since to everone else I’m a hardcore tomboy πŸ˜›

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