Crafts Around the Web: Surprise Balls

This is probably one of my favorite little gift ideas — how cute! Learn how to make them at not martha, poppytalk and seesaw. Don’t feel like making them? You can buy some adorable ones at TOPS Malibu.

With all of this cuteness I’ve joined a surprise ball swap and am going to get my supplies tomorrow to make my own. I have a lot of crepe paper left over from Colette’s birthday so I just need some extra surprises! Want to join in the swap with me?

I’ll make a post about how to make surprise balls following the swap.. I don’t want to give away the surprises inside in case my swap partner finds my blog!

Update: I was so inspired by these surprise balls that I made some Miseducated Surprise Balls for the shop.

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    I helped make some of these for my nieces and nephews a couple Halloweens ago.. they weren’t impressed at all. I’d be thrilled to get one, personally. 😥

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    Sarah: How sad! That sounds like such a rad idea for Halloween! I was just thinking how I can’t wait until Colette gets old enough to enjoy them! I wonder if she’ll even care though now, haha!

    Hope you all join in the swap, it should be fun. <3

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    I’ve never seen these surprise balls before. What a lovely gift idea! I love your blog by the way, so colourful and beautiful.


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