Who is Blythe, the Collectable Doll from Japan?

Who is Blythe? Blythe is the girl with magic in her eyes~ Kenner produced blythe doll in 1972 and soon stopped because of low sales. Gina Garan, photography genius, released a book of her works in 2000 which sparked much interest. She has aided in Blythe’s reproduction by Takara in 2001 and Blythe is still going strong. Warning Blythe steals hearts wherever she goes.

I found about Blythe many years ago because I have a love for dolls from 60s-70s, but I did not fall in love with her immediately. Instead, I kept a fascination from afar and enjoyed looking at photos of others’ dolls. I bought my first Blythe doll in 2003, Disco Boogie, after that I was hooked and suddenly had 12 dolls.

Official Blythe Links

This is Blythe – Gina Garan
Official Blythe

Original Blythe Commercial

This is Blythe’s debut commercial in the 70s. Sometimes she’s as creepy as she is adorable!

My Girls

most of them
+ Love Mission

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    I only have one and she’s messed up. 🙁 Oh how I dream for a Kenner… It just seems like the prices with all the dolls have gone up so much.

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